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Traffic Issues Overview

Updated 11/04/00

The Neighborhood Traffic Advisory Task Force I initiated has helped the city improve traffic enforcement and establish a traffic calming policy. Our motorcycle officers have reduced speeds in some neighborhoods.

Our Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy gives residents a way to reduce traffic problems on their streets. Since the cost of calming measures is shared 50/50 with residents, there is a built-in prioritization on the use of tax dollars. We are also studying ways to improve traffic safety on El Monte and I hope to extend this to Springer, Miramonte, and Grant Roads. We are now using radar to enforce speed limits on Springer Road, the first time in many years.

I initiated a joint committee on traffic safety between the city and the Los Altos School District. The committee consisted of representatives for each school and representatives from the Traffic Advisory Task Force and city Bicycle Advisory Committee. An excellent report identifying problems and recommending actions was generated by this committee of citizens chaired by Bill Crook. One expert said it was the best such report he had seen. The committee awaits responses by the city and school district on solutions and costs.

One recommendation was that the LASD Board of Trustees take a leadership role in improving traffic safety on school grounds and reducing car traffic. A central resource person was recommended to help individual schools and PTAs work on carpooling, pick up and drop off approaches, and to develop and promote safest-route maps for walking or cycling to school. Since such support is not budgeted, a draft grant request proposal was written for the LASD boardšs approval to submit to the Packard Foundation.

Separate from the above committeešs effort, the Loyola PTA and Bill Crook generated a proposal that won a $495K state grant for safe routes to school projects. The projects (around Loyola School) will be managed by the city. This is a big win for a Loyola grass routes effort.

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