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Traffic and Proposed 1st/Main St. Land Use

Issue: Los Altos Traffic
Date of Posting:11/24/00
Author: Gloria Geller

I live on University Avenue, which in the last 3 years has turned into a nonstop traffic bridge between El Monte and Main Street (in order to bypass Foothill Expressway). I am very concerned about the proposed land uses at 1st and Main Streets from a cut-through and speeding traffic perspective (so this email is an overlap between the traffic and downtown parking issues you have on this website). Neighbors I have spoken to agree that they've seen an increase in the amount and speed of traffic down our street (some but not all of which is due to construction in the neighborhood).

If I had to choose the better of two evils, I would have to vote for the theatre instead of the hotel -- only because we can hopefully regulate the traffic coming into downtown by when the theatre is actually showing movies. The proposal to have no movies during the daytime weekday hours is nice, but I'm still concerned about traffic increases through my neighborhood during the hours that I am at home (weekday evenings and weekend days and evenings) making my front yard unlivable because of an increase in the number of cars and my street unsafe because of the speed with which cars might dash down the street to try to get to a movie before it starts.

I believe the City of Los Altos should do a thorough study of current traffic patterns and usage on University Avenue BEFORE any plans for 1st and Main Street are approved.

ANY 1st and Main Street development doesn't just affect parking -- it will affect the neighborhoods surrounding downtown. We are trying to build and maintain a neighborhood on University Avenue -- but it is really difficult when our pleasant narrow tree-lined street has turned into a freeway -- where it is unpleasant and unsafe to be outside in our front yards. Although it sounds as if I am against all development at 1st and Main Streets, what I am saying is that I believe it is incumbent upon the City to address current traffic concerns on University Avenue before the City decides to develop 1st and Main Streets and increase our current concerns.

Thanks for reading.

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