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Traffic impact on Hilliview Ave

Issue: Civic Center Master Plan
Date of Posting:11/11/00
Author: King Lear

Residents on Hillview Avenue and those on connecting streets to the east (carrying cut-through traffic from El Monte) are concerned about the traffic impact of any changes in the Civic center. They feel there is already too much cut-through traffic on Hillview.

The existing Civic Center Master Plan would not add to the uses nor change the circulation or parking layout, but would improve the facilities. Due to improved facilities there could be an increase in attendance for some Parks, Arts and Recreation programs. The parking lot around Hillview Community Center has to be accessible internally to drivers who wish to park near the library but occasionally have to go into the Hillview community center parking lots to find a parking space.

The proposed new Master Plan changes the layout such that all buildings are most easily accessed via the existing City Hall entry off San Antonio Road. The Hillview entry would provide access to parking near the soccer and baseball fields. The cut-through traffic on Hillview would not be affected, probably. The cut-through cars would continue down Hillview and turn right on San Antonio Road then right into the Civic Center entry as the most convenient access to the Civic Center buildings.

The return traffic from Civic Center that used a Hilliview cut-through to get there would probably use Hillview to get home. A connection between the Hillview exit for the field parking lot and the Civic Center parking area would allow drivers to bypass difficult left turns onto and off of San Antonio Road thus increasing Hillview traffic headed east.

Dan Burden, a consultant, reviewed the Civic Center plans for circulation and reviewed possible neighborhood impacts. Mr. Burden's advice was to use the city's Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan to study and implement traffic calming devices on Hawthorne to slow the cut-through traffic and make it less attractive to these drivers. He did not think that separating the field parking from Civic Center parking would reduce cut-through traffic.

Again I must remind everyone that the newly proposed plan has not been adopted and may not be adopted.

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