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Dear Neighbors: I am sponsoring this website to facilitate the exchange of ideas on improving our city.

As I went door to door in the 1997 campaign for city council, I realized that there are many concerns and ideas in our neighborhoods that are not shared with other residents and with city officials. So, I have established this new forum to help good ideas get perfected by discussion and evolve into action.

Participation by city officials other than myself will be voluntary, and will depend on the quality and quantity of thought that gets logged into this site.

King Lear
How to use this website: The concept is a quick reaction and unedited form of "letters to the editor". The difference between this website and regular email is that this is a public forum. You can read the comments of others on issues of concern to you, and you can compose and submit your own comments.

This website is organized into city issues to allow users to quickly get to a current topic of interest. Click on the Issues button to get the current list and then select an issue from the list. Users can request that additional issues be included, or use the "Other issues" category. I will set up the city issues and provide a current overview on the city status for each issue. There will also be public polls conducted on selected questions.

Since this is public, please keep your comments appropriate, as though this were a "letters to the editor" column. Your comments must be accompanied by your name and email address, and must be in good taste, not defamatory. It is also useful to keep your comments concise, preferably less than 300 words. As the webmaster, I reserve the right to delete any submissions that I feel are not appropriate for a public forum. However, I will not delete any letters because of an opinion being expressed.


King Lear

If you have comments or questions, please contact webmaster@los-altos.org